The Salts of Rhotano
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RP Workshop I - OOC

We are in exciting times. As mentioned in our blog, the population count in S:R has grown very quickly. We have a great mix of end-gamers and role players (RPers), and though this recurring event will be catered to our RPers, we encourage those who may be interested in the process or just writing to come and join us.

The goals of this event:

  • An opportunity for our RPers to come together and meet in an Out of Character (OOC) environment.
  • Story crafting 101: A chance for us to discuss the kind of stories we like to read, write and how we incorporate it into our RP. Techniques for RP and our methodology using the XIV systems.
  • Q&A for S.A.L.T. (OOC)*: Reina and Sterne will be available to field questions about the nature of the Saints of Academic Logos and Theorem (S.A.L.T.) Scholasticate, the loose idea of their respective roles and how we plan to incorporate your characters into upcoming story arcs and dramatic events.
  • Reverse Q&A for our RPers: We want to hear about what you would like to gain and what you expect with RP in S:R and how we can meet you half-way. Help us help you create the best experience for RP on the server.
  • Getting your fingers wet: We’ll end the session with casual RP with the understanding that it may not be canon (i.e. a permanent part of your characters story). This is more to blow out the proverbial cobwebs of your RP, and a chance for you to try out a few things you just learned and to  experiment.  

So join us on November 28th @ 5p EST in the Mist 8th Ward - Seagaze Docks! While you’re enjoying your holiday Turkey (or other assorted meats and non-meats), give your character a thought or two and prepare to embark on your own story, and your own fantastic journey, with us here on Balmung.

*To avoid spoilers and OOC meta, we may not be able to answer all questions posed. However this will not impact the quality of the Q&A and the quantity of information you can glean for your own RP.

Later Event: December 5
Free Company Meeting