The Salts of Rhotano
"'Tis a wonder 'ow ye e'r found yer way back"


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SR:MSQ "Let's get Magiteknical" pt. II

Location: La Noscea | Mist

Description :

The mystery prevails as the true end of the Scholasticate has yet to be revealed.

Our players have appeared on the stage to set a scene of mistrust, subversion, and fear. We last left them   on the ground floor of the studium with an immediate goal: get help    . The founder, Sterne Evans,   insists they solve the mystery before the Maelstrom arrive to interrogate and clean up—destroying evidence and wasting time in the process.

Behind the group lays the remnant of the scholars’ last defense, and beyond them are the halls of the dormitory where the dead last lived. Before them stands the studium’s door-less framethrough which light pours and smoke slips out. 

Time is running out as the Maelstrom approaches. What will they decide to do in the deathly quiet interim? Will they search for clues or survivors? What will happen if they stay? What will they find? What lies beyond them now that the Scholasticate has fallen?

Objective :

Make haste before the Maelstrom arrive.


OOC: As a reminder, there are many options for your introduction to this SR:MSQ. An easy example being the letters inviting scholars to the studium which are still scattered about the three city-states, though they have long been out of production and are most heavily concentrated in Limsa Lominsa.  Please feel free to be as creative as possible and contact your Loremaster and FC-Leader for any questions and ideas you may have on how to get introduced.
This Main Sccenario Quest (MSQ) is designed to be fluid and respond to the actions of our players. Consider these quests as a turning point in the story that run very similarly to a Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) campaign. Between these MSQ, RP will return to free-form and will not be directed by any one individual or leader in a DnD sense.


We look forward to the stories we can create together.