The Salts of Rhotano
"'Tis a wonder 'ow ye e'r found yer way back"


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SR:MSQ "Let's get Magiteknical"

Location: La Noscea | Mist


Squatters have taken over the Scholasticate in the absence of leadership. The students who remain have become nothing more than indentured servants; blackmailed and bullied into trailing on the coat tails of their captors, they remain.

Where on a normal day the Scholasticate would smell of books, ale and stale popotos, today it smells of ash and stale blood. An unknown group of souls have invaded the Scholasticate, murder many in their path and beating others to a pulp.

Who were these people? What were they after? Who has survived and why? What do we do now but pick up the pieces?

Only you can solve this mystery.


Speak to the survivors of the assault and discover what befell the troubled studium.

OOC: There are many options for your introduction to this SR:MSQ. Letters inviting scholars to the studium are still scattered about the three city-states, though they have long been outof production; most heavily concentrated in Limsa Lominsa. You could have been one of the many students still enrolled and trying to survive, or you could be one of the attacked.
Please look forward to our first RP Workshop for this leg of our story. 


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