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MSQ Companions - By Sered

One of the best things about Stormblood is going to be the new MSQ.

While you could do it by yourself it would be so much more fun with friends experiencing the story together. This allows you to have an established group that you are able to discuss the finer points of the story with help avoid spoilers for others as you will know exactly who you can talk to since you went through it together.

These groups will

  • Be premade 4-man parties (Tank, Healer, (2) DPS)
  • Start the MSQ together and (ideally) finish it together.
  • Be organized starting June 1st
  • Arranage start times and schedules amongst themselves.

The Benefits!

  • Experience the MSQ together with friends.
  • Instant duty queues
    • No need to wait in Duty Finder in order to continue the story
    • Also for when the MSQ does not conveniently drop you at the required level for the next duty.
  • Control over dungeon drops
    • Gear for alt classes can be funneled to those who can use it without having to beat a random person's roll.

When is it? 

Sign up begins on June 1st. Please be sure to reach out to Sered and Sterne who will help partner you up with matching roles. You'll be given: 

  • A Fun Designation
  • A feature on the website with a screenshot of your team
  • Help in any capacity you need to stay connected and communicative!