The Salts of Rhotano
"'Tis a wonder 'ow ye e'r found yer way back"


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S:R:Side Quest - "A Questionable Samaritan"

A waterlogged, weak and dazed Roegadyn sits in a slump near the Aleport docks. His shoes are missing, and his pants are so wet he might as well be carrying the Rhotano Sea in his pocket. Creating a ruckus and a splash as he pleads to those around you, his gaze inevitably meets yours.

Reward: 2,000 gil + Raffle Entry

Objective: Interact with the Roegadyn as you wish. This quest may be accepted as a group or one on one. The quest will be made available from 7p EST - 10p EST.

Earlier Event: February 26
FC Fundraising [Mansion Fund]