The Salts of Rhotano
"'Tis a wonder 'ow ye e'r found yer way back"


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Home is where the Hearth is #whoareyou

Join us for an In-Game Meet and Greet

Get to know your fellow FC Mates through chats, activities, and duties

Location: La Noscea - The Mist - FC House

Bring your smile and a story!

Join us while we sit around the camp fire and introduce ourselves and show who we are through events and duties.

  • Raffle Entry for those who tell an anecdote
  • FC Duty Roulette from the toybox inspired by Fan Fest
  • Group Photo Op to be featured on the website
  • Glamour Contest! categories to be announced


Invitations to Discord and Group Me (our OOG chat) will be made available upon request throughout the event.