The Salts of Rhotano hosts a collection of players with different goals and play styles. We come from different backgrounds; from the mountains of middle-America to the rolling hills of the United Kingdom. Everyone has unique interests and talents to bring to the table. No member should ever feel obligated to take part in activities they do not want to.



1. Be Respectful. Always.

  • We are all adults. Treat everyone as such.

Golden Rule.png

2. Political chatter should be limited

·         Studies show when someone’s political beliefs are questioned, it triggers the same part of the brain that reacts when ones physical livelihood and well-being are threatened. Best to avoid that.

3. Squeamish? Change the topic.

·         If you do not like the topic being discussed, politely ask your fellow company-mates to change the subject. All members are expected to respect this request at all times.

4. No Spoilers! Just don’t do it

·         Not everyone may agree what qualifies as one, but do your best to avoid talk of spoilers. If you sense a spoiler coming up, politely ask for the conversation to change. See rules 3&6!

5. If it’s broken, don’t break it again!       

·         If you witness someone breaking one of these rules, do not break another one in retaliation, in order to set an example, to get your point across, to get them to stop, or for any other conceivable reason.

6. If all else fails? Bring it to /tells

·         Not everyone likes being told what to do. If you do not wish to change your speech, content or context, bring it to a whisper or party chat with those who don’t mind and those who won't be disrupted.

Officers Platinum Rules

In addition to those above, officers of the Salts of Rhotano are expected to follow these rules listed below.

1. Uphold the tenants and good reputation of the FC

·         Our members hold you with high regard. Hold yourself, the FC, and your comrades accountable with integrity.

2. Focus on facilitating community

·         A community is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. We are one community. Include those who exist on the periphery and make an effort to help out while serving as a catalyst for growing FC bonds.

3. Use your best judgment to devise solutions

·         Work with your FC Leaders (Sterne and Melchar) to resolve significant conflicts together

4. Maintain Open Communication with your fellow officers

·         Your voice matters. A company cannot run on side-eyes and tight lips. We need to hear what you think.