The Salts of Rhotano
"'Tis a wonder 'ow ye e'r found yer way back"

Main Story

Main Scenario Quest: "Let's Get Magiteknical" pt. I


            The Saints of Academic Logos and Theorem Scholasticate (SALTS) is no longer. The campus and dwelling has been forgotten and burned, overtaken by squatters after its abandonment. Smoke bellows out of the front of the building, and a Roegadyn scholar from Ishgard, Joyous Blossom, anxiously waits outside after being beckoned with a letter from the Scholasticate only a few days prior.

            Inside, there are dead bodies on the main floor and more below in the basement. A Midlander woman is by a fireplace, but she is called out to by another Ishgardian scholar, Mikael Kavahn. A dragoon, Osrich Arkwright, who was called to service when he noticed the smoke, joins them soon after. Mikael approaches her and understands she is there for her husband, a member of the Scholasticate. They return upstairs to search for him and encounter Joyous Blossom on the way. They are wary of each other, but they also agree to work together to figure out what happened and if there are survivors.

            On their way to the dorms, Sterne Evans, one of the founders of SALTS, knocks down the door to the dormitory and startles the group. They ready themselves but realize he is not a threat. He explains he has come seeking something; however, when he saw that the school had been attacked, he sought out survivors and found nothing but corpses. To dispel their distrust, everyone explains why they have come. Of all their reasons, the Midlander woman is most suspicious. However, she is quickly forgotten when Evans runs to put out more fires in the basement. The others join him but very little is salvageable.

            Given a ledger of the Scholasticate’s members, Joyous Blossom and the Woman look through it. Finally, the husband is revealed, but they are still doubtful. She feigns sadness and cries at this. Osrich, the most suspicious, puts her on the spot which causes her to become belligerent instead. They also try to catch her with contradictions and small tricks; however, she has become wary of them and reveals a small glimpse of her true self. Mikael interjects and insists that they do something about the corpses around. Sterne and the others become solemn but agree, forgetting about what was spoken about moments before. They also determine that there must be some way to find out about the murders. They discuss a way to cause inanimate objects to come alive and reveal their memories; however, a new person arrives upstairs which draws their attention.

            The new Midlander woman, Ai Natsume, is seeking work. They insist there is no work: the Scholasticate is no more. Between the Woman and the new arrival, their attention is divided … for better or worse.


Sterne Evans