With us you’ll experience Role-Play as a collaborative writing experience.

We have a unifying theme in the form of a shared character by the name of M. R. Rhotano, intertwined in a setting that offers us an incredible amount of diversity. Whether your character works in the underbelly of Eorzea, or lives as a shining beacon for the whole of society, surely, they belong in a MUSEUM.

Join us, the Salts of Rhotano, at the Museum as we explore, pillage or preserve anything M. R. Rhotano would have us dive into.

The Setting:

Throughout each major edition of the game, the setting has changed. From 1.0 all the way through the latest expansion, the story has grown and evolved with our player base. Our latest story is a complete fresh start. We worked together to build something from the ground up; something that we can be proud of. We would be honored if you’d join us at The RhoM, a Museum curated by the auspicious character M.R. Rhotano. Through many means, they communicate with us — albeit indirectly — to make sure their museum is filled with the things they deem worthy.

Current — 5.0: The Mist | The Rhotano Musem (The RhoM) | Museum & Gallery

Historical Settings

4.0 The Mist | Unnamed | Veteran’s Home

3.0 The Mist |The S.A.L.T. Scholasticate | A University

2.0 Wineport Settlement | The Salts of Rhotano | Restaurant

1.0 The Astalicia | Sanctus Refero | Trading Company