Role Play

A new story is beginning for 4.5 and beyond.

please join us on discord as we plan and create it together.

The Salts of Rhotano (formerly Sanctus Refero) has a robust and long history trailing back all the way to time before the calamity in 1.0. Below is your cheat sheet for reference organized by category with brief descriptions labeled by patches.

See if you can find a place for YOUR character in the Setting, Story Arcs, or Backstories of some of the Players!


The Setting

1.0 The Astalicia | Sanctus Refero | Trading Company

2.0 Wineport Settlement | The Salts of Rhotano | Restaurant

3.0 The Mist |The S.A.L.T. Scholasticate | A University

4.0 The Mist | Unnamed | Veteran’s Home in a Rehabilitated University


The Story Arcs

synopses and short stories

OR click any name below for character specific short stories, backgrounds, and spoilers