The Salts of Rhotano
"'Tis a wonder 'ow ye e'r found yer way back"


The latest Chapter:

“Let’s get Magiteknical: The Conclusion” & The Next Chapter: “Unnamed”

It took one moon to sift through the debris, and another to recover. The spirit of the SALT Scholasticate has been broken. Nearly 70% of our students are dead and the staff is as splintered and scattered as the wooden frame that once stood straight.

The burned out husk of a school stands out like a sore thumb in the mist. One cannot pass by the district without smelling the lingering smoke; a keen nose may still smell the blood. Rumor has it a dark-haired Midlander paid a tidy sum of gil, bribing the Maelstrom, to halt all plans to demolish the Scholasticate. The rumors have grown, and some more common folk have started wondering if this place is haunted. They’ve started asking why the Maelstrom does nothing. Their response? “No statement at this time.”

Rather suspicious and enticing for the curious adventurer, is it not?

The common folk aren’t the only ones who have heard these rumors. To those close to, or apart of, the remnants of the Scholasticate, you would know Garlean spies have no doubt caught wind of it. With their objective “incomplete” they have made sporadic visits in hopes of running into a displaced member.

No one is safe.

OOC: If you are a returning student you must sneak in, arrive under the cover of night, or use a ruse of your own design to assure your own safety. Afraid to go anywhere else, some of the surviving students have taken refuge in rooms within the dormitory utilizing glamours to remain concealed or to distract.

If you are a wanderer, adventurer or scavenger, there is plenty to be found within the ruins of the Scholasticate. Caches of treasure, rare books, and odd trinkets lay littered about in all corners of the grand halls of the school. Please feel free to make your own adventure.

Feel free to use this story as a back drop for open and casual RP. Overtime we can work together to develop the future direction of the SALT Scholasticate and help shape whatever form it takes.

Ongoing and Additional OOC Info:

Shown below is a letter that was dispersed at the onset of 3.0. The S.A.L.T. Scholasticate intent and purpose was to bring education to those without, and the raise the bar of the method behind learning and virtue of exploring all theories and respecting all trains of thought. Many of these letters went out all across Eorzea. You could have found this letter anywhere, or even had one delivered to you by a moogle. You decide.

As of the end of 3.5 and the onset of 4.0, production of these letters officially halted. If you found a letter by this time, it is likely to be tattered, stained, or otherwise mysteriously come across your path.

Please feel welcome to use this as an introduction to the S.A.L.T. Scholasticate, regardless of its current state.

To our fellow thinker:

The Saints of Academic Logos and Theorem (S.A.L.T.) Scholasticate shall be opening their doors e’er near to all learned and ignorant folk to change the face of educational purists within the realm. Whether you are in need of book learning or simply coin, many positions are open for both student and faculty alike.

Their mission is to explore the eternally expanding frontier of man’s power – his Knowledge.

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