Character Background II

Arisia was invited to the rogues' guild because someone inside noticed her talent with quick hands. During her time with them, meteor fell and wiped out her family's home, her family, and her thieve's cache (located inconveniently under her family's estate). The rapid loss brought about a moment of deep soul searching for the novice rogue, and with the realization that material wealth is fleeting she turned her aptitude for working the shadows to more lethal ends. Turning her abilities toward assassination, she made a good living in the alleyways of Limsa Lominsa, until one day she ends up fulfilling a contract for the maelstrom but in her bloodlust the Maelstrom informant was slain as well by mistake. Fearing the accidental killing would be found out that it was her, she made way to a coastal town to await a passing ship.

Though, unfortunately for her, upon arrival she came into conflict with an officer of the Maelstrom that had walked into the Inn she was trying to get a bed for the night. After countlessly trying to deny she was the Arisia they were looking for, she booked it. However, soon as she ran out the door, two officers were waiting outdoors for her. Perhaps she was a little too loud in trying to explain herself, but it didn't matter as she was taken to a cell before a proper punishment was given to her.

It had been a few days since she was locked away in the cell, eating only one meal a day and even then it was disgusting to her. That night though, she was roused out of her sleep as a few fiery blasts scorched just passed the bared window. Leering from side to side, she couldn't make sense of it. Was it a garlean attack? She would keep asking herself before the cell next to her burst open. The explosion knocking her back from the window, hitting her back against the side bars of her own cell. Knocking the air out of her lungs but not enough to leave her unconcious. Weak and trying to walk it off, she snuck her way out of the prison and headed for the docks. Upon hitting the docks, there was only single vessel that was properly afloat as the others were lit up in flames. As she crept onto the ship, she quickly hid in the lowest floor of the ship. Upon looking out the bow window where, she noticed the figurehead.

It was only her bad luck that brought her aboard Tarkus' ship, but to her surprise when she was caught by the captain he took a shine to her fearlesness. Rather than walking the plank, she was offered a spot on the crew. Over time, she proved herself to be an asset, working with lethal efficiency to make clear the way for the pirates on their land-locked business. Before too long, she was given the title of the captain's blade, and occupies the flank not taken by Tahla. To this day, it would merely seem that being apart of this ship is the one thing that has kept her mind clear, as it reminded her of the boat her father and her had been working on before.

As unruly as she can be, she's honest in her own way. Assertive and not afraid to let her opinion be known, especially when a situation deals with endangering those close to her; namely Captain Tarkus and Tahla. Her loyalty is only second to her necessity to prove herself and in doing so, she's not afraid to take risks but only if it will not cause further trouble for the pair in the crew.