Character Background I

The bastard and a half of the sea himself.


Tarkus Grynfeld, now known as Captain Tarkus Irongut, is a former Garlemald citizen from one of the first provinces indoctrinated by the empire, who rose to the rank of commander in the Garlean military. After exemplary series of tours as a company commander a Primi Ordines, it ended when a newly appointed Praefectus Castrum executed a reliable soldier in front of him for a minor offense. Tarkus strangled the Praefectus in front of his men and made it clear they were now dead or deserters, their choice.


Many of the company fled with the Roegadyn who dissolved into a band of brigands who primarily preyed upon Garlemald and surrounding provinces. A handful of years later, with the accumulated plunder they purchased a vessel from the strange isles’ mysterious port, outside of Limsa’s domain, The Waking Gallows. For decades the pirate saw the weird and pillaged the shores of Eorzea, delved into forbidden places and slain men and horrors, becoming more and more infamous.


The Waking Gallows is one of few known ships to have survived the Maelstroms war on open piracy. Tarkus and his crew would not abide Limsa’s laws anymore they would Garlemald. The surname Irongut was earned during the civil war when he beast of a Roegadyn traveled across three decks of tangled ships with a sword cleanly sticking through his belly, to butcher the admiral’s bodyguards only to be dragged away by line by his crew. There is a long-standing bounty upon his head, despite the occasional rumor of his death.


Tarkus is an old behemoth of a relic, some sixty winters, and seemingly more virile than men half his age. The pirate is characterized by a boisterous, clever viciousness. Well known for his possessiveness, a lasting aspect of protectiveness for those under his command. Scarred from countless battles and tussles, but the only permanent injury being a missing eye. The socket itself is hollow and scorch marks ring the flesh.