Dark Secrets - The Actors and Subplots


(updated 12/5/18)


Past: Property of the Garlean government. He is one of many “Frankenstein” created in early experiments to bring magic to the people of Garlemald. He is the spliced creation of a Hyur-child and a Water Elemental. 

Present: Sterne is broken and unhinged after the attack on the estate. He has anger problems, bipolar at best, with moments of clarity. Residing in the restored estate and disheveled.



Past: Tutor of Sterne and Garlean loyalist ever out of favor. Self-appointed task of returning Sterne to an unknown Garlean party but holds other plans as well. He is perversely obsessed with Sterne and his misery.




Past: A Garlean commander turned pirate. Gregarious and vicious, protective of his crew and bound by “strange things” to his ship.

Present: Fresh from the bottom of the ocean, betrayed by Bylgdraga’s patron and must retrieve the betrayers heart to appease the curse that allowed him and his crew to return to seek vengeance.


Sub-Plot Arch:

(updated 12/5/18)

After the failed attempt to capture Sterne during the attack on the school, Bylgdraga has discovered Sterne survived when thought dead and intends to return him alive personally to his patron – perhaps manipulating him to go willingly. Tis will likely place Sterne into the hands of those who originally experimented on him who believe data from a surviving subject is too valuable to lose.


Tarkus discovered he and his crew became a target for elimination, selected by someone in Garlemald of great influence. This party orchestrated the events that led to his and his crew’s untimely demise. He and much of his crew have returned “mostly” alive after sinking themselves and three Garlean vessels amidst a storm.  On borrowed time from a great void creature lurking in the depths, he must carve out and sacrifice the heart of the one who betrayed him to appease the creature, and raise his ship from the ocean.