The Salts of Rhotano
"'Tis a wonder 'ow ye e'r found yer way back"


Fan-Fest XIV & The Introduction of a Gallery

Greetings, kupo!

Fan Fest is here! It's here, kupo-po!

Well, not quite. But hold your breath, click your heals (ha-ha) three times and let the Benediction fly! Perhaps you'll wake up from your coma in the warm embrace of the Paris hotel's carpet!

What's that? Sounds personal? Like I've experienced that before? . . . Kupo.

Anyway, many of our members are attending! How thrilling! This is a great chance for us to make new friends and mix things up a bit. Speaking of mixing; the website has had some updates that, while may not be noticeable to current members, should definitely make a new or prospective member find their way.

So far the list of attendees are:

  • Melchar
  • Sterne
  • Delecroix
  • Tohka
  • Anya

And to celebrate this joyous meeting of S:R'ians, we're going to introduce a gallery! *GASP-kupo* That's right! We'll post pictures ourselves AND take posts from our members? What?

You betcha . . . kupo.

Keep a close eye us! We'll be posting like mad throughout the festival.

See you again in a few days!

Sterne Evans