The Salts of Rhotano
"'Tis a wonder 'ow ye e'r found yer way back"


FanFest XIV 2016 - Day I

Today was first day of Fan Fest, kupo!

It's enough to make your pom shine!

There are so many ways to describe first impressions, but I could not believe how many adventurers there were! You'd think some one was selling kupo-nuts or something. 

. . . Now I'm hungry. 

But kupo-nuts or not, the festival almost didn't happen. Some angry Hyur were upset that there were too many other humans walking around. I don't get it. They probably couldn't get their own kupo-nuts, or maybe, even, they got stuck on a mog-quest chain. 

Those are fun. 

Look at that. The face of a perfect sla-er, uh. . . Who is that? I don't know!

Where was I? Oh yea, kupo. 

We got in! And it did not disappoint. The keynote jumped right into the new expansion: STORMBLOOD. 


f Who's that tiny-human? Is that Yoshi-P? Can't be. He's a big moogle - almost as big as King Mog; may he rest in peace. 

Looks like we'll be going to Rhalgr's Reach. Maybe he needed a Kupo-Nut too. That hand looks wanting. 

While there's many details you can find on the net-web, what you can't find are the interesting stories that unfolded on the festival floor!

For example, and I say this with earnest: I had NOTHING to do with it, kupo. . . . Some OTHER moogles were causing mischief for the ENTIRE Festival (truly a masterwork but I digress). The adventurers I was with were sent on a day long quest with Hildabrand to discover exactly what was going on. There was a book and everything. 

In the end: Moogles, just wanna have fun. (Really that's what it said.)

But Mr. Manderville did some hard work. While the adventurers were chasing after their triple triad poop card rewards, he was setting up many mini-games and ways to draw the investigative minds of otherwise dull adventurers. He's really a slave driver, kupo. Must have been raised by Moogles /sagenod

Again, I digress. We made so many friends from primals (Ramuh was huge), to lesser primals (looking at you Ice Heart) ((don't kill me, kupo)), and even regular adventurers like yourself; that is if you're actually reading this. 

Queue the fan-fare!

*aghem* And then with these new found friends, the adventurers took to some mysterious last remnant, where they took on an evil ancient and ancient evil Alaagan evil: Proto Ultima, kupo!

Following their victory (that was rewarded with neither kupo-nuts nor a T-shirt) they were treated to a lovely piano time with Susan Calloway and some hired Hyur. (Seriously, kupo, he's not even in the book).  

And that's how it ended, kupo. Check in with us tomorrow night for FanFest XIV 2016 - Day II!

Sterne Evans