2.0 Synopsis

Time shuffled along and a sense of adventure began to return to Eorzea.

Rumors and promise of a rehabilitation spread until they reached far overseas to different lands. Everyone’s eyes were once again turned to Eorzea, including many of the estranged members of S|R. Through happenstance and use of the old company’s business contacts and clout, one of the surviving members endeavored to establish a restaurant. He thusly named it The Salts of Rhotano; an homage to the S|R moniker.

As it was before, and as it always has been, success is fleeting. Scandal erupted, mutiny broke out and The Salts of Rhotano closed its doors. The coffers were quickly emptied of their gil and the true intent of the restaurant was lost with it.

However for those readers with a penchant for maths and numbers, it would not be hard to trace the flow of the missing funds through the subsequent years to the founding of a unique school of growing repute:

The S.A.L.T. Scholasticate – Saints of Academic Logos and Theorem.