3.0 Synopsis

A scholar of little repute but much talent tracked down the proprietor of the Salts of Rhotano. With keen insight and a hint of blackmail, she found herself in control of a large enough sum of gil to achieve her dream - founding a University in the form of the S.A.L.T. Scholasticate.

On the verge of great discovery, progress, and change, the school lost its footing long before it found its way. An exterior force swept in to undermine all efforts to spread knowledge and offer asylum to the young and old of Eorzea lost in the Calamity who wished to learn. Without word, the founding scholar disappeared: Reina Asahi is assumed dead. Shortly after word spread of her passing, the sole proprietor left in despair; Sterne Evans returned home to Aerslant.

The students, abandoned in their dorms and left to their own devices, suffered a second Calamity personal and private only to them. In the shaky aftermath, a group of squatters take over the school without much resistance.

The dorms are in shambles. Nothing like the manicured campus as before.