4.0 Synopsis

It took one moon to sift through the debris, and another to recover. The spirit of the SALT Scholasticate has been broken. Three of every four of their students and staff are dead; the surviving are as splintered and scattered as the wooden frame that once stood straight.

The burned out husk of a school stands out like a sore thumb in The Mist. One cannot pass by the district without smelling the lingering smoke; a keen nose may still smell the blood. Rumor has it a dark-haired Midlander paid a tidy sum of gil, bribing the Maelstrom, to halt all plans to demolish the Scholasticate. The rumors have grown, and some more common folk have started wondering if this place is haunted. They’ve started asking why the Maelstrom does nothing. Their response? “No statement at this time.”

Rather suspicious and enticing for the curious adventurer, is it not?

The common folk aren’t the only ones who have heard these rumors. To those close to, or apart of, the remnants of the Scholasticate, you would know Garleans have had a hand in this destruction. With their objective “incomplete” they make sporadic visits in hopes of running into a displaced member.

Surreptitiously the mansion is rebuilt. Those rumors and whispers among the common folk inevitably reach the ears of a number of groups. One in particular places a bounty on the information, the secrets, of who now occupies this burned out mansion. Why would a group of students and teachers be targeted by the Garleans, and why was it kept so secret? 

A duo nearly succeeds in stealing that information, but they're stopped by a rogue Roegadyn who seems bent on getting involved. Who is he, and what is he going to do with that information? Will the Scholasticate ever return to its former glory? How long will this city-state sponsored Veteran's home last? 

What smoke lingers while ash still sits in their mouths?