A Free Company in Final Fantasy X|V

We are the bridge that crosses the gap between End-Game and Role-Play.

Whether you enjoy running dungeons or crafting items from dawn till dusk, or you want to sit down and craft a story with your peers instead, this is the place for you.

 We look for players who show true passion for what they do, who love this game and love spreading that joy to others. We seek out new players who may need our help, or players who may have just come to the server who may need a home. Old or New, Bright or Dark Blue, we want You!

Just below you will find a short description of our leaders; who they are and what their goals are.

If you'd like to apply, please click the CONTACT US button up top.

Sterne II.png

Sterne Evans

A long time FFX|V veteran, hailing from version 1.0α. An end-game aficionado with experience co-running raid groups and free companies. He is an egalitarian who brings with him a passion for the game, a kind heart, open ears, a level head and a penchant for helping others feel welcome. His goal is to bring together like-minded players to break into new content beyond what the current expanion offers, and to achieve many server firsts.

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Melchar Asbrand

Is a veteran of the good ol’ bad ol’ days of FFXIV 1.0. He has played MMOs since he was a tender fifth grader starting with Ultima Online. A lover of lore and setting, Eorzea has kept enchanted him ever since the game’s first announcement. An affable fellow, he enjoys making new friends and connections whether in video games or in the industry where he works and plays on a daily basis.

FC Specifications

Founded – 8.16.2013
Rank – 8
Allied – Maelstrom
Recruitment –  Open
Housing – Plot 5, 15th Ward, Mist
Server - Balmung
Data Center Aether (Crystal)


Weekly Raids
Sustained Daily Actions
Role Play Events
Curated Website
High Level Crafters
Out of Game Communication

The Ranks


Sterne Evans, the founder of The Salts of Rhotano


Melchar Asbrand, the co-leader and director


A Member who has donated greater than 1,000,000 Gil to the guild coffer. There is a special limited time bonus: All investors will be granted timed-exclusive access to Free Company Assets as the game grows.



A Member who has been elected or nominated based on merits. A player in this rank has access to the second and third tabs of the company coffer, can activate and purchase company actions and many more rights.


This player is trusted with our website and social media presence. All officers communicate with the player in this position for updates and calendar postings. 


This player is trusted with guiding the hand of our Role Players by coordinating events and facilitating the communal effort to grow our story.


This player is trusted with our garden. They take requests and plan our the production of rare, valuable and craft-able items


This player is trusted with our airships and plans out exploratory missions. They work in tandem with the Artisan to coordinate crafting days to improve our airship.


This player is trusted with coordinating our crafters, promoting personal growth across the free company; including our airships.

Field Hand:

This player is trusted with coordinating our gatherers. They work in tandem with the Artisan and the Skipper.


This player is trusted with our coffer and it's growth. They analyze the market and devise plans for us to make gil. This information is conveyed to the Field Hand, Artisan, Skipper and Landscaper in order to maximize efficiency.