A Free Company in Final Fantasy X|V

Whether you enjoy running dungeons, crafting items from dawn till dusk, or crafting a story with your peers instead, have we got the space for you! Wait till you meet us!

Fun!  We look for players who show some passion for what they do, who love this game and love spreading that joy to others. We seek out new players who may need our help, or players who may have just come to the server who may need a home. Old or New, Bright or Dark Blue, we want You!

How’s that for a cheesy catch phrase?

Just below you will find a short description of our leaders; who they are and what their goals are.

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FC Specifications

Founded – 8.16.2013
Rank – 8
Allied – Maelstrom
Recruitment –  Open
Housing – Plot 5, 15th Ward, Mist
Server - Balmung
Data Center Aether (Crystal)


Weekly Raids
Sustained Daily Actions
Role Play Events
Curated Website
High Level Crafters
Out of Game Communication



Sterne II.png

Sterne Evans

Discord: @Sterne#8259

Focus: End-Game, Role-Play, PvP, Gathering

A long time FFX|V veteran, hailing from version 1.0α. An end-game aficionado with experience co-running raid groups and free companies. He is an egalitarian who brings with him a passion for the game, a kind heart, open ears, a level head and a penchant for helping others feel welcome. His goal is to bring together like-minded players to break into new content beyond what the current expansion offers, and to achieve many server firsts.


Melchar Asbrand

Discord: @Melchar#4351

Focus: Mentor Program, End-Game & Roleplay

Is a veteran of the good ol’ bad ol’ days of FFXIV 1.0. He has played MMOs since he was a tender fifth grader starting with Ultima Online. A lover of lore and setting, Eorzea has kept him enchanted ever since the game’s first announcement. An affable fellow, he enjoys making new friends and connections whether in video games or in the industry where he works and plays on a daily basis.


Gwendolyn DormEr

Discord: @Wendy#5190

Focus: Roleplay, Endgame, Crafting, Gathering

Gwendy is a fun-lovin' dude. She has been playing video games ever since she got scammed into giving away her password on Runescape in 2007. She is a jokester who may seem a little over-the-top sometimes, but on the inside, she's not really any different (oops). Gwendy is a veteran healer with years of raid experience and The End.




Discord: @Traique#9539

Focus: Raiding, Crafting, Gathering

Traique is SR's craft dad and PEPR's tank, bad joke machine, and occasional leader. He's been playing games as his main hobby since his parents got him Wipeout for the PS1 way back in 1996, and has been an addict ever since. He enjoys anime, superhero movies, and fantasy novels, and if he asks you to play Smite with him, back away slowly or you'll never hear the end of it.

The Ranks


Sterne Evans, the founder of The Salts of Rhotano


Melchar Asbrand, the co-leader and co-founder.


Officer of the Community and member of the leadership that works together in equity.